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Social Media Training

In the already hectic process of writing and publishing, social media is another obsticle an author will have to tackle in today's market. It can prove to be a confusing and daunting process, which is now considered an essential part of building your author platform.


Whether you're traditionally or self-published, a strong online presence is essential if you wish to make the most out of your market. Many authors believe that readers will simply discover their book/s whilst browsing online or in a book shop, however that's simply not enough in such an overcrowded industry. The strength of your online author platform, which should consist of a well presented website, social media accounts as well as details elsewhere, can take time as well as effort, but many authors won't know where to begin, which is why we offer social media training.


Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter offer authors huge opportunities when used in the correct manner. Online etiquette can be difficult to grasp, and simply opening accounts and shouting 'BUY MY BOOK' is not going to work, but with a little training, you will be able to target readers as well as other authors. The interaction gives you valuable visibility.


If you would like to opt for this service, please contact me.





Social Media Training - (1 calander month)

•  An Initial discussion with you to discuss you and your book/s - setting out of a strategy.


•  Creation or update of existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as looking into other websites that could help increase

  the author's online presence.


•  Facebook Page - A professionally branded Facebook account, targeting each individual author's readership. Links with Twitter

  account, retailers and author's own website.


•  Twitter Account - A professionally branded Twitter account, creating an interaction with potential followers and readers. Link

  with Facebook account, retailers and author's own website.


•  Advice and training on these accounts for one month. Authors will be encouraged to set out potential posts and contribute

  to the subject and potential engaging content for their audience.


•  The end goal is to achieve a greater interest in the author, their work and potential sales. The author will also have a much

  stronger online platform and understanding, which they can use to continue to strengthen their online presence.



If you would like to opt for this service, please contact me.



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"I have learnt a hell of a lot from you. For the 100th time, many thanks for your expert advice."

- Adrian Churchward, Moscow Bound


"Aimee was recommended to me by one of the UK's top publicists. I took to it easily and, thanks to Aimee getting me up to speed so quickly, was soon building my author name into a brand."

- Rik Stone, Birth of an Assassin.