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Book Trailers

Only £199 / US$280 / €250 (inc VAT)

With the influx of technology onto the book market, Book Trailers are still a fairly new concept, but they are being picked up by more and more publishers and authors as a fantastic opportunity to reach out to an audience, and an increasingly effective one. Visitors tend to spend 88% longer on a website that has a video, and 64% more consumers will purchase a book or product after watching a video promotion. That's a huge conversion rate - so what are you waiting for?


Selling a book has and always will be about reaching your target market and setting the tone of your book through your book cover and promotion. The visual enticement and effects created with a book trailer can therefore provide a reader with a much better insight into what your book is about and gives the author another creative opportunity to portray the story in a new and exciting way.


We can create a unique, high quality trailer of between one and two minutes in length, using the still artwork of your book, stock images as well as video footage and audio music to help set the tone of the trailer and create intrigue for your book. We then end the trailer with visual links to your website and/or social media, where people can make a purchase or find out more information.


We will also upload the trailer onto our own Youtube Twitter accounts, which viewers can rate and comment on, providing your Book Trailer with as much exposure as possible. Your trailer is sent to you in MP4 format, allowing you to use your trailer anywhere, from your website, book signings or display them on your social media accounts.


If you would like us to produce one of these effective marketing trailers, contact us on or visit the Contact page.



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'Aimee at Author Design Studio really understood the brief and the finished video captures my fundraising year perfectly.  A pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend this format to bring any project to life.' - Caroline Jones, author of Knickers Model's Own


'Aimee has an incredible amount of knowledge. I highly recommend using Aimee to help polish and push onto the world stage that marketing tool every author needs. Thank you, Aimee, for an amazing trailer and window into my writing career. Within three days of coming live, I received a creative writing job,  books were sold, I got more fans and people wow-ed the "colorful, exciting, great" website and a friend of my past came a-calling!' - Rita Antoinette Borg, author of Meg the Egg.


'Working with Aimee who is as patient and kind as she is talented has been a pure joy. I can't wait to get back to writing as I know she will have fun with my next book covers and trailers. Thanks to Aimee, I feel like a proper writer!' - RM Green author, Small Lives, Big World



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